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Project Details

Netcars is a private car service providing five-star VIP service for corporations and leisure travelers. As a start-up, Netcars came to WDB earlier this year with only a company logo and a business idea. They were in dire need of a website, a marketing message, and strategy to make the business a success.


They also required a way for users that visited their website, to book their services, but they didn’t know where to start. Netcars team wanted to highlight their Mercedes and BMW luxury vehicles within their fleet as well as their punctuality, presentation and professionalism that sets them apart from their competition. 


WDB worked with Netcars and utilized one of our great writers to help craft a marketing message that would resonate. We developed a digital strategy that complimented the business goals. On the home page, we wanted to call out the passion and drive that founder Andy Warner harnesses that brought this great company to life. We outlined the specific and personalized uses of their VIP services showcasing “The Netcars Experience”.


We used Netcars primary brand colors of purple and black on a clean white canvas throughout the website evoking a sense of royalty and elegance when users are visiting the website. We highlighted Netcars’ luxury fleet utilizing gorgeous imagery outlining the vehicle’s top features. We also included a rich photo gallery for each vehicle. More importantly, we created a custom booking platform for Netcars which made it easy for users to request a quote or book a reservation for Netcars services directly through the website.

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