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Arkenets 3D Spatial System – Radar Under The Radar

3D Spatial high-resolution sensor technology with advanced machine learning algorithms to solve real problems in real time and at scale.

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The Challenge

As drone technology evolves, becoming faster, smaller, cheaper, and readily accessible for commercial use, so has the number of unwanted intrusions, which has grown exponentially in size and scope.

Revolutionizing the future of drone detection, Arkenets’ 3D Spatial Identification System is customizable and scalable to meet specific airspace security-related challenges.

The technology is fundamentally different and advanced beyond what currently available on the market. This created a unique branding and messaging challenges to formulate a message and visual voice that would connect with Arkenets’ target audience.


The Solution

We love bringing things together. Strategy, creative and tech jumped on the opportunity to build the Arkenets’ brand experience with a new brand voice. We created custom imagery, iconography and compelling new content to connect and engage Arkenets’ target audience.

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Project Success

Partnership outreach up 183%

Customer quote requests up 98%

Bounce Rate 41%

90% of our customers come back, 95% of new customers are referrals and 100% have credited our work and exceptional service.