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Project Details

Rize, Inc. offers a 3D printing solution able to produce industrial-class prototypes, production parts, tooling, fixtures and jigs on demand, right in the office – hassle free, safely and affordably. Unlike other 3D printers, Rize One is completely office safe, with no harmful particle emissions and chemicals or messy and toxic post-processing.


Rize came to us with some urgency. They required a website design that needed to function as a marketing tool through the use of Google Analytics, Calls to Action and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This new website needed to emphasize Rize's competitive differentiation and potential for leadership and massive growth in the marketplace.


The success of Rize's 3D printer depends upon potential customers to understand the product's unique standing as the only zero-post-processing industrial 3D printer. Our branding efforts led us to clearly and boldly define their business proposition in a forward facing manner.  


Being a start-up, Rize was looking to attract additional rounds of investment from financial institutions and venture capitalists. Our team worked with Rize to assure that visitors quickly understood their business model, unique innovations and leadership within the 3D printing industry. A vital part of the launch was to establish a new brand identity for the company and create a sense of company culture by integrating unique content.

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